9th Dawn 3

Ashwick Sewer - 9th Dawn 3

Ashwick Sewer is the very first dungeon. It acts as the tutorial and has 3 ability coins, simple rat enemies and one boss.

You will get stuck at 41% completion once you get out of it for the first time. This is normal! Talk to Foddy and Medium John in the town and you will get a quest to unlock cooking and the rest of the dungeon.

Ashwick Sewer Map

Ashwick Sewer Map

Ashwick Sewer Guide

  • Gather items from the chests, pick up the Ability Coin on the left and go to town.
  • Get a key from Medium John in town.
  • Go back to the sewer from the new entrance.
  • Pick the second Ability Coin top.
  • Flip the switches.
  • Head back to town and go to the sewer again from the first entrance.
  • Kill the Sewer Lurker boss and get the third Ability Coin.