9th Dawn 3

Luppi Ruins - 9th Dawn 3

Luppi Ruins is the second dungeon. You need to get through it to access Firlun, the second town that is located north west of the starting one.

It has 3 ability coins, a variety of weak melee monsters and a melee boss. The biggest challenge here are the dark spider monsters. They cast some sort of ranged that spell that hurts quite a bit, so you should focus on killing them first!

Luppi Ruins Map

Luppi Ruins Map

Luppi Ruins Guide

  1. North to the large corridor with enemy cells and push the lever. Most cells will open and you will have to survive an enemy wave. Collect the first Ability Coin (16%) below a cell.
  2. East side and follow the path. Push the lever.
  3. South and collect the second Ability Coin (33%).
  4. North all the way and push the lever near the start area.
  5. North west, kill the Luppi Gobbi boss (83%) and get the third Ability Coin (100%)!