Dicey Dungeons

Completing the Episodes of Dicey Dungeons

To beat the game, you need to complete 6 episodes for each character. The nice thing about the episodes is that they greatly alter how the dungeons are played. They add good replay value.

In this article, I will list the episodes and give a few tips along the way. Episodes #2 and #3 are unique to each character while the other episodes are the same for all characters.

Episode 1: Introduction

The first episode has no special rules and is meant to introduce you to the characters and how they work. They can still be challenging (I lost the first episode twice with the Witch) but they are generally easier than the other five episodes.

Episode 2 and 3: Unique scenarios

Once you complete the first episode with a character, you gain access to the episode selection screen and must from now on select an episode before starting a dungeon run.

Those two are unique for each character and most of them are much harder than the first episode. Here is the list :

Warrior 2: Curse of Greed

  • Start with two upgraded battle axes.
  • All equipment you find is upgraded.
  • Inflicted with curse at the start of every turn.

Warrior 3: Worse than a curse

  • Start with a venus fly trap.
  • Lose 2 max hp when you level up.

Thief 2: Finders keepers

  • You can keep enemy equipment after each fight.

Thief 3: Uptick

  • On your first turn, all dice rolls are 1.
  • Second turn, all dice rolls are 2, and so on.

Robot 2: Compression errors

  • Duplicate dice vanish immediately.

Robot 3: You choose, you lose

  • No CPU counter. Create any dice you like!
  • 50% chance that equipment will randomly disappear each time.

Inventor 2: Double rubble

  • Find extra equipment.
  • Start with double equipment and upgraded hammers.
  • Make twice as many gadgets.

Inventor 3: The inevitability of rust

  • Don't create gadgets after each fight.
  • All equipment is reusable.
  • All equipment breaks after 4 uses.
  • Broken equipment immediately becomes a gadget.

Witch 2: Expect the unexpected

  • One spell slot contains a completely random spell each turn

Witch 3: Countdown

  • Your first dice roll is always a 6, the second a 5, etc.
  • Start with a bumpblade.

Jester 2: Not just a jester

  • Standard rules with the warrior equipment and abilities, using the jester’s deck mechanics.

Jester 3: Losers, weepers

  • After defeating an enemy, keep all of their equipment.
  • New “delete” skills destroy cards permanently.

Episode 4: The elimination round

Just like the first episode, this one has no special rules. The difference is that the enemies have 10% more health and all of their equipment is upgraded.

To succeed, you will need a decent character build!

Episode 5: Parallel universe

This episode is radically different from the others and although the basic mechanics are similar, everything else is completely different.

It is a breath of fresh air and you might have to restart the episodes a few times here since what you learned so far doesn’t apply.

I won’t be able to list the changes to equipment here as there are so many, but I will list the changes to the status effects. You will notice the new status effects have a “?” after their names in this episode to indicate they have changed.

  • Blind? Cannot see remaining health.
  • Burn? Burning dice can be used on equipment, but will disable that equipment for the rest of the turn, and for the next turn.
  • Cursed? All equipment has a 50% chance to switch targets. Disappears once triggered.
  • Frozen? Reduce all dice values by 1.
  • Poison? A random piece of equipment is poisoned. Reduce the countdown on it to zero by the end of your turn, or take damage.
  • Shield? Restores health at the start of your next turn and disappears after healing.
  • Shocked? Temporarily disables random equipment. Costs 3 health to remove shock.

Episode 6: Bonus round

Bonus round changes

In the bonus round, a new random rule is added to the dungeon at the end of the first four floors. Some of them are minor annoyances (Kraken) but others like Loud bird or Scathach make things way harder.

  • Alchemist: After 4 turns, all enemies transform into bears.
  • Bully: All enemies get a rock.
  • Buster: Burning dice cost 5 health to extinguish.
  • Fireman: One of your dice is burning at the start of every turn.
  • Hothead: If you or your enemy rolls a six, it automatically catches on fire.
  • Kraken: Cannot see enemy health after the first turn.
  • Lady luck: All enemy equipment is upgraded.
  • Loud bird: Enemies will dodge your first attack every turn.
  • Madison: Enemies start each fight with fury.
  • Scathach: You are cursed at the start of every round.
  • Slime: Start each fight with 2 poison.
  • Snowman: One of your dice is frozen at the start of every turn.
  • Sorceress: Enemies can throw unused dice at you.
  • Vacuum: Enemies get 10% extra health.