My Time at Portia

Basic skiver - My Time at Portia

The basic skiver is the 4th station to build at the start of the game! It is used to produce different textile materials like fur, leather or rope.

You will need this to progress starting from the Dee-Dee vehicle and stops missions. I recommend building only one. You need a grinder and a civil cutter to build it.

How to build the basic skiver

Materials required

  • 1x marble plank (3x marble - civil cutter)
  • 2x bronze pipe (2x bronze bar - grinder)

Used to make

  • Fiber cloth (2x worn fur + 2x plant fiber)
  • Rope (1x cotton + 1x plant fiber)
  • Quality leather (2x delicate fur + 1x tree sap + 1x pigments)
  • Leather (2x fur + 1x plant fiber)
  • Thread (2x fur + 2x tree sap)
  • Fur (2x worn fur)
  • Cloth (4x wild cocoon + 1x cotton)
  • Waterproof cloth (10x fiber cloth + 1x honeybee wax + 2x mucus)
  • Delicate fur (2x fur)