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How to get the cooking set - My Time at Portia

The cooking set is a station that allows you to cook food and produce different dishes. These can be eaten, given as gifts, or used to complete certain quests.

Cooking set diagram

How to get the cooking set

To obtain the cooking set diagram, you must hand over 5 data discs to Petra at the research center, then wait a few days.

You will then receive the diagram in your mailbox.

Note however that there are 4 different diagrams requiring 5 data discs and that the order in which they are obtained is random. So you may have to repeat the process several times before getting the cooking set.

Crafting the cooking set

Crafting the cooking set

  • 6 stone bricks (48 stones)
  • 1 iron pan (5 iron bars and 5 rubber fruits)
  • 3 marble planks (9 marble)


Unfortunately, the positive effects of the dishes are very minor compared to the cost of the ingredients and the time spent preparing them.

It is probably better to use the cooking set strictly to complete the quests and buy items directly to obtain buffs and recover life.

For example, the herbal mixture and simple oinments are relatively affordable in the clinic and allow a good amount of health to be recovered.