My Time at Portia

Civil cutter - My Time at Portia

The civil cutter is the 3rd station to be built. It is required for the very first main mission where you have to build a bridge to Amber Island.

It cuts wood into planks and metal ingots into plates. I recommend building two as it is used quite often! You'll need a stone furnace and a grinder to build it.

How to build the civil cutter

Materials required

  • 2x copper blade (2x copper bar - grinder)
  • 5x stone brick (8x stone - furnace)

Used to make

  • Hardwood plank (5x hardwood)
  • Copper plate (3x copper bar)
  • Bronze plate (3x bronze bar)
  • Marble plank (3x marble)
  • Wooden board (8x wood)