My Time at Portia

Stone furnace - My Time at Portia

The stone furnace is the very first crafting station you'll build at the start of the game!

It is not particularly efficient (you have to refuel very often) but it allows you to make several resources that will remain useful for a large part of the game.

How to build the stone furnace

Materials required

  • 1 stone stool (10x stone - worktable)
  • 10 wood

Used to make

  • Glass (8x sand)
  • Stone brick (8x stone)
  • Copper bar (3x copper ore)
  • Bronze bar (4x copper ore + 1x tin ore)
  • Charcoal (3x wood)

Tips and advice

Since the stone furnace requires almost no materials (10 wood and 10 stone), I recommend that you build several early in the game.

Build 3 or 4 stone furnaces, to produce many materials at the same time and store them.

Then just get rid of them gradually later when you have better furnaces, or when you realize you have so many materials that some furnaces are rarely used!