Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon Brigand Pounder Boss

This is a small guide to help you beat the brigand 8 pounder, the brigand 12 pounder and the brigand 16 pounder bosses in the Warrens dungeon.

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The Brigand Cannon battle

The cannon is accompanied by 3 bandits, including a bandit with a torch. The latter appears in rank 3 or 4 and is always the last character to play at the end of the round. It's your main target and you need to kill him before the end of the round at all costs. If you do not succeed in eliminating him … he lights the cannon, which inflicts a mountain of damage and stress to the whole group. It hurts a lot, bad enough to get a hero from 100% to 0% life with a critical hit.

At the beginning of each turn, the cannon will summon new bandits, including a new bandit with a torch, and the story repeats itself.

How to beat it

You must make sure that you eliminate the bandit with a torch every turn. Heroes must be able to attack both back ranks, and it's best to find ways to increase the accuracy of heroes (trinkets or buffs) to make sure you do not miss hits. The bandit does not have much life, but his dodge is not so bad and that can play tricks.

During this time, you must also hit the cannon itself from time to time. The ideal is to use a hero who can pierce the armor, the shieldbreaker or the grave robber.

  1. Hellion
  2. Grave robber or shieldbreaker
  3. Occultist
  4. Arbalest

Brigand 8 pounder (apprentice)

  • Health: 76
  • Dodge: 0%
  • Protection: 20%
  • Speed: 0
  • Stun resist: 200%
  • Blight resist: 200%
  • Bleed resist: 200%
  • Debuff resist: 200%
  • Move resist: 100%

Brigand 12 pounder (veteran)

  • Health: 114
  • Dodge: 8.75%
  • Protection: 20%
  • Speed: 1
  • Stun resist: 220%
  • Blight resist: 220%
  • Bleed resist: 220%
  • Debuff resist: 220%
  • Move resist: 120%

Brigand 16 pounder (champion)

  • Health: 156
  • Dodge: 22.5%
  • Protection: 25%
  • Speed: 2
  • Stun resist: 245%
  • Blight resist: 245%
  • Bleed resist: 245%
  • Debuff resist: 245%
  • Move resist: 145%