Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon Swine Boss

This is a small guide to help you beat the swine prince, the swine king and the swine god bosses in the warrens dungeon.

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The Swine battle

The swine boss is accompanied by his best friend, the little pig Wilbur. This one marks one or two of your heroes in each turn, and the swine boss follow his instructions and attack the marked heroes for a lot of damage.

If you attack Wilbur, the swine boss makes an attack that inflicts a lot of damage on the entire group. And if you kill Wilbur, he gets furious and uses this attack against the entire group exclusively.

How to beat him

Just completely ignore Wilbur. Bring heroes who can attack the front ranks and inflict a lot of damage. The swine boss has a lot of life but very little resistance to bleed and blight, so the flagellant and the plague doctor are very good.

Just as against the prophet, the man-at-arms is great for protecting a weaker hero marked by Wilbur.

  1. Man-at-Arms
  2. Flagellant, bounty hunter or grave robber
  3. Occultist or vestal
  4. Plague doctor

Swince prince (apprentice)

  • Health: 132
  • Dodge: 0%
  • Protection: 0%
  • Speed: 0
  • Stun resist: 100%
  • Blight resist: 0%
  • Bleed resist: 0%
  • Debuff resist: 20%
  • Move resist: 100%

Swine king (veteran)

  • Health: 198
  • Dodge: 8.75%
  • Protection: 0%
  • Speed: 1
  • Stun resist: 120%
  • Blight resist: 20%
  • Bleed resist: 20%
  • Debuff resist: 40%
  • Move resist: 120%

Swine god (champion)

  • Health: 271
  • Dodge: 22.5%
  • Protection: 0%
  • Speed: 2
  • Stun resist: 145%
  • Blight resist: 45%
  • Bleed resist: 45%
  • Debuff resist: 65%
  • Move resist: 145%