Darkest Dungeon

Highwayman Guide - Darkest Dungeon

A rogue, a thug and a thief, the Highwayman has honed his skills with dirk and flintlock to devastating effect. Whether at range or in a melee, he is equally effective at dispatching his foes.

Be it a grapeshot area-of-effect, or single target bleed, the Highwayman's skills focus solely on dealing damage in a variety of ways.


The highwayman is very powerful offensively, especially if you can perform some counterattacks with duelist's advance. An effective technique is to place him on rank 1 or 2, then to alternate the duelist's advance with point blank shot.

He moves forward, then he moves back, then he moves forward …

Defensively however, he's very weak. I suggest getting a lot of dodge if you want to survive.

And speaking of dodge, the highwayman is by far my favorite hero when an antiquarian is present in the group. The antiquary's guard ability increases the highwayman's dodge, while practically doubling his number of counterattacks!

A good build

  • Duelist's Advance
  • Point Blank Shot
  • Tracking Shot
  • Wicked Slice / Open Vein

Allows you to attack the first three ranks and use duelist's advance synergy with point blank shot. The highwayman must be positioned at rank 1 or 2 at the start of the fight.

Tracking shot is added to give him a little more utility, but it should be replaced by pistol shot if a party member can use mark or if you want to be able to attack rank 4.


Wicked slice

Wicked slice

(115% damage | 9% crit)

A basic attack that inflicts good damage.

Pistol shot

Pistol Shot

(85% damage | 11.5% crit)

An attack that deals 50% more damage against marked enemies.

Point blank shot

Point Blank Shot

(150% damage | 9% crit)

An attack that deals incredible damage, but only to the front row when the highwayman is in the front row. He moves back one rank, and has a chance to push the enemy one rank as well.

Grapeshot blast

Grapeshot Blast

(50% damage | -5% crit)

An attack that deals small damage to three targetst and adds a debuff that increases the chance of critical hits by 8%.

Tracking shot

Tracking Shot

(20% damage | 1% crit)

An attack that removes stealth from an enemy. It also adds a bonus of +20% damage, +10 accuracy, and +8 critical hits for the entire fight.

Duelist's advance

Duelist's Advance

(80% damage | 9% crit)

An attack that activates ripost and moves the highwayman forward one rank. Ripost counters attacks and is incredibly effective. It even works when the attack is dodged!

Open vein

Open Vein

(85% damage | 4% crit)

An attack that deals 4 bleeding damage for three rounds, in addition to its respectable base damage. It also gives a bleeding resistance debuff. This is a great alternative to wicked slice in dungeons where bleeding is effective.